Align Your Energy

    with Your Business or personal Goals!


    Calibration :

    À La Carte – Energetic Coaching

    Are you longing for deep transformation, alignment with your goals, and a life where success and well-being are a reality?

    If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur or a leader open to spirituality and aware of the importance of working on your energy to unleash your full potential, then we’re likely a perfect match to work together.

    Here is what I offer:

    Reconnect with Your Soul and Intuition

    While strategy is important in business, so are your soul and intuition. We’ll ensure your business aligns with who you are.

    Energetically Free Yourself

    Together, we’ll identify and release the energy blocks hindering your growth. Whether it’s achieving revenue goals, launching a new service, or clarifying your life purpose, we’ll overcome the energetic obstacles holding you back.

    Leave with Strategic Clarity

    You’ll leave with actionable steps to activate the benefits of this liberation and alignment for the long term.

    «I truly feel like I’ve leveled up without having the words to describe it better.»

    « I’ve already had 3 Calibration sessions with Aurélie and the Infinite Success™ method, and I can’t wait for the next ones. These sessions are always conducted in a cheerful, gentle, and caring atmosphere.

    I’m always amazed at the depth of the work that occurs. Even when aligned 100% with my goal, there are realizations, things are released, beliefs are let go… to go further in my personal development and especially for the growth of my business.

    These sessions allow me to go further, higher.

    I truly feel like I’ve leveled up without having the words to describe it better. It’s something deeply internal that’s hard for me to explain. You have to experience it to understand it!

    I feel the benefits of the sessions during our meeting with Aurélie, but the deep work happens in the days that follow. Something inside that anchors and strengthens!
    A sense of inner peace and re-energized to put my goals into action.

    Thank you, Aurélie, for these moments of rich sharing! See you soon for the next chapter of my adventures!»

    Valérie L.


    What Can We Work on During Our Calibration Sessions?

    Here are some examples of topics we can address: 



    Professional examples


    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Overcoming Visibility Fears

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Breaking Through Revenue Ceilings

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Strengthening Self-Confidence

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Achieving Work-Life Balance

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Conquering Fear of Failure

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Aligning Your Business with Your Essence

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Creating Harmonious Professional Relationships


    Personal examples


    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Clarifying Your Life Purpose

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Cultivating Inner Peace and Resilience

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Improving Communication Skills

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Navigating Career Transitions

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Setting and Achieving Personal Goals

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Developing a Mindset for Success

    Guiding you is not just my passion, it’s my life’s mission!

    It comes straight from the heart!

    Through the Infinite Success™ method (a profound transformational approach in which I am certified), combined with my own spiritual, strategic, and coaching tools,

    I’m here to assist you in:

    • Expanding your horizons
    • Moving forward despite your fears
    • Reconnecting with your deepest desires
    • Aligning what truly drives you with your business
    • Releasing blockages and negative emotions

    Calibration will empower you to make the leap you need !

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech


    Why should you choose those sessions ? 


    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    You desire a holistic approach that addresses both your inner energy and concrete goals.

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    You want to surpass unconscious limitations rarely addressed in traditional coaching for lasting results that touch your deepest self.

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    You’re ready to invest in yourself and fully commit to your own growth and success.

    For more details:

    How Does a Calibration Session Work?

      I rely on the powerful Infinite Success™ method, a true catalyst for energetic transformation for both you and your business. 

      This method precisely identifies the sources of your internal blocks and unconscious obstacles, allowing you to reach your goals faster and more effectively than ever.

      It’s concrete, direct, and targeted, shedding light on the aspects you need to transform to realize your full potential. 

      To do this, I primarily use a pendulum, which allows me to connect with your energy and uncover the essential keys to align you with your boldest business goals.

      Simply come as you are, with a clear idea of your goals or challenges.

      Together, we’ll unlock your infinite potential and make your dreams a reality !


      How to Book?


      • A 90-minute Individual Calibration Session online via Zoom.

      Price : 210 us dollars

      • A package of 5 Individual Calibration Sessions

      Price: $1000 ($200 per session) ! 

      • A package of 10 Individual Calibration Sessions.

      Price: $1890 (1 free session!)

      The first option is perfect for testing. Click the “Book a Calibration Session” button now.

      However, I recommend a minimum of 5 sessions for deep and impactful transformation. If the packages interest you, click the second button to contact me via email (limited spots).

      What My Clients Say…

      «I feel lighter, joyful, and ready to unleash my ‘inestimable potential.»

      «The session with Aurélie based on the Infinite SuccessTM method was a valuable aid in helping me identify and release negative emotions and energies that were blocking or even crystallized in my subconscious.

      Aurélie is gentle, very attentive, and her use of the pendulum is remarkably accurate. She accompanied me with kindness in acknowledging and recognizing my emotions without judgment.

      I recommend a session to everyone regularly, whether in the professional or personal domain. The method allows us to confront our fears, blocks, and traumas to transform them into liberating and positive energies.

      A big thank you.»

      Marie D.

      «I recommend it to any entrepreneur who wants to take action more quickly on a specific goal!»

      «I found the Infinite Success™ method simple and effective. Aurélie made me feel comfortable and gently challenged me on my goals.

      Thanks to the sessions, I was able to overcome my barriers to increasing my revenue, simply by identifying the emotions that create resistance and the exercises to release them, without delving into the details of my past. I feel more and more comfortable with my new revenue.

      And my second session came at the right time, just before applying for a dream contract. The emotional release it provided allowed me to apply with much more tranquility and confidence. It’s a brief method that allows me to go beyond my mind’s, ”I know I should behave like this, but I don’t”, by focusing on the emotional and the present moment.

      Aurélie helped me release my knots immediately without spending hours in coaching or therapy.»

      Aurelie H.

      «The session with Aurélie was very rich and intense.»

      «I didn’t have any specific expectations, but Aurélie really helped me, gently and without forcing, to release deep blocks.

      There’s a simple, smooth, and effective aspect to this session that I really appreciated. No need to torture yourself for hours; quickly, the blocking points are highlighted and balanced by positive emotions.

      I felt liberated and reassured after this session. The goal I worked on with Aurélie seems achievable to me, whereas before, it was beyond my reach. I recommend her; you won’t be disappointed.»

      Virginie G.

      «I’m amazed.»

      «I’m amazed by the accuracy of this tool and the speed of resolving blockages.»

      Stephanie T.

      «I felt like a weight had been lifted off me.»

      «At first, I was just curious. But, so many emotions, feelings that I thought I had left behind long ago, surfaced. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t think my blocks could be linked to what I had experienced over ten years ago. It was an amazing, moving, and incredibly liberating session. From the end of our exchange, I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. 

      Looking back over these four days, I confirm that my state persists. I am relaxed and confident in achieving the goal I set for myself. In short, I am convinced and ready to do another session if needed.

      I would add that your kindness, the quality of your listening, and your advice also made this session a special moment for me.»

      Celine B.

      Ready to energetically unleash your full potential? 

      I invite you to take the leap or contact me to ask your questions.