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    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

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    Who am I ?

    My name is Aurélie (you can call me lili)

    I founded The Good Speech in 2018. I’m a Lifestyle & Business Designer for female entrepreneurs and executives. I’m French-American, based in California since 2014 with my husband and our two kids.

    Always smiling, I enjoy listening and connecting with others. From beach gatherings with friends, hikes, seaside workouts, working from home, a coffee shop or from my daughter’s gym class, my life is quite a dynamic balance.

    My Professional Journey Wearing Two Hats

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    The Communication & Marketing Expert

    With a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication, I began my career as a Business Development Manager, supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs.

    My journey then led me to become an expert in Communication and Marketing in France and the United States.

    Three elements have consistently inspired me:

    • The world of entrepreneurs and business leaders, my realm of fulfillment.
    • Communication: I excel in crafting communication strategies for increased visibility, strengthened relationships, and profound impact. My favorite playground? Video – check out my French YouTube channel Aurélie de The Good Speech.
    • Public speaking and leadership: Being able to express oneself in front of an audience, camera or your own clients is an essential asset for any executive or entrepreneur. Your leadership is expressed through these moments of speaking.


    pendule<br />
soin énergétique

    The Energetic Coach

    At the launch of The Good Speech in 2018, I primarily focused on strategy. However, I found myself at a crossroads where self-listening was imperative, and a deep connection with my soul became crucial.

    As a business leader, I understood the importance of not charging straight ahead when:

    • Personal beliefs and blockages hinder our progress.
    • Our external communication does not reflect our authentic essence.
    • There is a misalignment with our business.

    For myself and my clients, I got a certification in the Infinite Success™ method, an approach to liberate energetic blockages.

    And for an even deeper transformation, I became a coach and have been trained at EDEC (Effective Coaching School by David Laroche).

    The Unique Offering of The Good Speech

    The Good Speech is much more than an online coaching and consulting business.

    It’s a dedicated resource for entrepreneurs, coachs, consultants, therapists and leaders seeking growth who embody the soul of their business.

    The goal is to help them in becoming impactful leaders and developing a solid business aligned with the life they dream of.

    The values of

    Logo The Good Speech by Aurélie coach


    Finding the right balance between feminine and masculine energy. We all have both aspects within us.

    It’s about balancing energies such as sensitivity, creativity, introspection with energies like action, strategy, or leadership.


    Finding pleasure in what we do is essential, whether it’s in a coaching session or in the choices made for our business.


    Feeling free by unleashing our voice, from the inside out, to impact and help others.

    But also the freedom to manage our schedule or our geographical freedom.


    Great achievements often happen in teams. I am my clients’ teammate by putting on my hat as a coach, consultant, or trainer, so that they can achieve their true goals.

    The Good Speech Method

    By combining strategic and energetic approaches, I will guide you to:

    • Align with your deep essence and personal and professional aspirations.
    • Master the art of communication online and offline.
    • Reclaim your position as a leader.

    All of this to bring out the aligned, assertive, and impactful leader you desire to embody.

    Aurélie Houet Tanis de The Good Speech

    Does this resonate with you ?

    Would you like to discuss with me to see if we could work together?

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